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Hello friends!

My name is Tea, I’m a 21 year old student. My areas of study include (but are certainly not limited to): Entomology, Herpetology, and general biology.

This blog will highlight some AWESOME animal-related stuff. I’ll post profiles of my animals, as well as wild ones. Best way to learn about nature? Experience it!

Being a scientist, some blog posts may have my scientific thoughts (read: rambles) laid out for you.

I live in Massachusetts, so most of the posts will be about the ecology of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and occasionally other more exotic places!

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Rosy Maple Moths like blunts too;)

Haha this is funny, but this isn’t a Rosy Maple moth, this is Eacles imperialis.

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Incredible Nerodia beauty

Holy shit that’s pretty. I want 50.

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More photos from Thuya Garden! Lots of butterflies and moths about, including quite a few Monarchs, several Summer Azure butterflies (that silver one on the purple flowers), and a bunch of those orange-black-silver ones, which I just tried to identify and so far failed - I’ll get back to you on those. 

Photographed 7/20/14,  Thuya Garden, Mount Desert Island, Northeast Harbor, ME.

The orange and silver ones are Great Spangled Fritillarys

I have a question about my 2 snakes, can you please give me some advise?! I have an albino garter snake, and I just got an assorted corn snake yesterday. I bought her so my garter could have a friend. I put them in the same terrarium, and they seem to be doing fine! But a lot of forums on the internet say that the 2 snakes should not live together. I don't know what to do because I do not want them to be unhappy or kill each other. I'm sorry if this question is somewhat stupid. I just need help.
eumorpha-dream eumorpha-dream Said:


No question is stupid!

though if you are reading advise on forums with experienced snake owners i would head their advice. having two different species of snakes in the same enclosure could be problematic, especially if they need space from one another and do not have enough of that.

Snakes are independent from birth so they do not get lonley, and they do not feel sad not being around other snakes.
they do not have a pack mentality like dogs or humans. So please, do not worry about your snakes mental health with companions. just be sure your animal’s enclosures are big enough for them with plenty of places to hide, and soak, and explore! they will be much more fulfilled that way.

hope that helps!

Ok I logged on tumblr just for a moment:

NEVER EVER EVER house two snakes together (unless they’re breeding) especially two different species.

It’s very stressful for them.

Garter snakes and corn snakes can each live happily in 20g long tanks, I would highly suggest you purchase one for each.

Again, if you want what’s best for your animal, house them separately.

This weekend I will be mothing and nature-walking all weekend. This blog will be updated ideally on Monday!

Have a good Weekend~

Impromptu Backyard mothing in the city of Boston. Can we talk about their little faces? Holy fucking cute.

Impromptu Backyard mothing in the city of Boston. Can we talk about their little faces? Holy fucking cute.

National Moth Week - Moth of The Day!

Automeris io (female)

National Moth Week - Moth of the Day (yay more, this time a double!)

Oak Beauty Moth and a Rosy Maple Moth (Dryocampa rubicunda)

National Moth Week- Moth of the Day

Actias luna - The Luna Moth