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What magical natural wonders lurk around every corner?

Hello friends!

My name is Tea, I’m a 21 year old student. My areas of study include (but are certainly not limited to): Entomology, Herpetology, and general biology.

This blog will highlight some AWESOME animal-related stuff. I’ll post profiles of my animals, as well as wild ones. Best way to learn about nature? Experience it!

Being a scientist, some blog posts may have my scientific thoughts (read: rambles) laid out for you.

I live in Massachusetts, so most of the posts will be about the ecology of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and occasionally other more exotic places!

Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions.




Opened the front door to let the dog out and this guy was there waiting. Didn’t seem at all bothered by my opening and closing the door or hovering over it to take pictures. Never actually touched it in that last pic, just wanted to show the size of this pretty xD

I’ve never seen one this size around where I live

That looks like Callosamia angulifera

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Hello! I live in the boston area and i am always looking for places i can go for walks/hikes to enjoy and find nice animals. It seems you go to a lot of places and find very interesting things and i was wondering if you could link me to a website or make a list of places in the area that are good to go to?
eumorpha-dream eumorpha-dream Said:

Hey there! There are tons of parks around! My suggestions are the Blue Hills (literally anywhere), Ponkapoag bog (carnivorous plants!), Millennium park, Arnold Arboretum, and Jamaica Pond. Boston is great because in almost every green space there are animals! Also, the Fenway Victory Gardens are awesome!




BUG FRIENDS. Can anyone help me identify these guys?

entomolgy side of tumblr?

I believe the katydid (the green one) is one of the “false katydids” (Pharenopterinae), possibly the bush katydid genus Scudderia. To get down to species I’d need the location and to see it from another couple of angles, especially its wings and abdomen.

I’m useless on anything non-orthopteran, eumorpha-dream any ideas on the moths?  

The moths are Eacles imperialis, Tulip Tree Beauty, and the Giant Leopars moth

National Moth Week - Moth of the Day

Eumorpha achemon

These are my favorite caterpillars. See where I got my blog name from?? There’s another species found in the northeast (E. pandorus) which is more common. But the pink underwings are amazing! The larvae are found on Grape and Virginia creeper.

Nira Rock - 7/17/2014

So, after our exciting trip to Quincy to find Smooth Green Snakes, Mike and Andrea mentioned a place in Jamaica Plain that has them too (potentially). The website for Nira Rock DOES mention “Green Grass Snakes” but let’s be serious, that could mean anything from garter to water snake… Well after they got out of work, we all went (it’s about .3 seconds from my house). We immediately flipped some gorgeous DeKay’s Snakes! One was practically pink! I flipped the first Garter too! And a TINY Redback (it’s been a while for them!). I also found some sort of pupae, it’s a Darapsa species (please be versicolor). We also saw a really cool Woodlouse Spider.

Moth of the Day! - National Moth Week

Citheronia sepulcralis (Pine Devil Moth)! These guys have 1 image on tumblr (mine) so I added more. Let’s get these beautiful Pine-loving species some love. These are cousins to the Citheronia regalis. The string you see is a piece of fishing line used to attach this female to a tree to call for males.

Great Meadows 7.17.14

Just a nice quick walk after teaching. IDs are in captions (if I have them, if not, let me know!)

For National Moth Week, I will be posting photos of moths everyday! Since I missed yesterday (I was mothing!), here’s two!

Picture 1: Citheronia regalis

Picture 2: Hemaris thysbe

(Photos are my own)


Time to start celebrating moth week! This male  greater peachtree borer clearwing moth Synanthedon exitiosa showed up in my yard yesterday 7/19/14. The female is more boldly colored with orange, probably to mimic a paper wasp. This male does a pretty good wasp impersonation too. 

Yay! Happy National Moth Week!


"Cool bug I found of the week!"

Hummingbird Day Flying Moth enjoying some Milkweed nectar. You can see it using its proboscis to reach down the pistil of the flower.